No work VISAs. Do not apply if you are not legal to work in the US.
Avg. is $500 per sale. Full time agents sell 4-10 policies per week.
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Interview with Senior Vice President,
Dr. Rita Law
Leads, ROI and Compensation Plan
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you think you are a good candidate, call me immediately!

Jessica Pease
National Hiring Manager
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Full Time
Part Time
Build An Agency
$40k - $75k Per Year
$75k - $150k Per Year
$150k - $1M Per Year
•    Own Your Own Agency: We are the ONLY IMO that allows you to legally OWN Your Agency!

•    Unprecedented Demand: According to LIMRA we operate in a 30 trillion dollar market!

•    Start Part-Time: No need to quit your J.O.B. Transition over time!

•    Proven Sales and Training System: 100's of success stories from people just like you!

•    No Experience Required: Comprehensive training from the industry's best producers & agency builders!

•    Paid Vacations: Earn all-expense paid vacations to top rated resorts world-wide!

•    Free Life Insurance: We will pay for your first years premiums! (Standard underwriting guidelines need to be met to qualify.)

•    Exclusive Leads: We own the mail house and call center to provide our agents with high quality leads!

Andrew Jimenez
Agency Owner

Before joining I was making $1500 per month in retail sales. This opportunity has allowed me to create a six figure income in less than two years. The focus on personal development has allowed me to grow into a leader within a company that values honesty, integrity, kindness, work ethic. The training and support is extraordinary and the mentorship I have received has allowed me to grow as a person and business owner. I am grateful to be here.

Martin Klabunde
&  Dr. Rita Law
Senior Vice Presidents

Before joining we were almost $40k in debt and were searching for the right vehicle to give us our lives back. We achieved Agency Owner in 9 months, paid off that $40k in our first year, are now debt free, and have a team that produces over $500k in sales per month. Best of all we have complete freedom of our time and money. We encourage anyone who has a deep desire to change their life to jump at this opportunity, become a student of the sales and training systems and run with it!

Roddy Jessup
Agency Owner

Before starting with SFG, I had zero insurance experience. I was making decent money in another sales position but I wasn’t happy with the lack of time, the culture and ultimately the person I was becoming. SFG has changed everything for me and my family and I feel so lucky to have found it. My advice is to dive in head first.
What We Provide:
•    Performance based promotions every 2 months!

•    A+ leads with an appointment setting ratio of 70%!

•    A selling system that is validated by agents nationwide!

•    A training system that offers you support from day one!

•    A flexible schedule that allows you to work on your own time!

•    Access to REAL time leads and customized mailings specific for YOU!

•    Protected geographic regions that provide leads exclusively to you!

•    Opportunity to build your own agency and create passive income!

ANYONE can do this!

With no sales or life insurance experience

we made…

$97k our first year
$285k our second year
$462k our third year!
Martin Klabunde & Dr. Rita Law
Senior Vice Presidents
Our Core Values:
•    Relationships matter, people come first

•    Relentless pursuit of personal growth

•    Open, honest, and productive communication

•    We do the right thing even when no one is looking

•    We work as a true team and strive to be a positive influence

•    We act like owners because we own it

•    Being of service and doing good in the world

•    We have fun and we get stuff done

We build on our core values with a foundation in Honesty and Integrity. We are passionate about empowering our agents to become better in the field and also in their life, as spouses, fathers, mothers and sons, daughters and overall better human beings.
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